Trabaja con Dersu

What is Dersu?

Dersu is a service focused on helping people having a lasting, healthy relationship with the mountains. We want to create a set of tools to help with self-assessment, progressive improvement, methodology, decision making and real time support of expeditions in the mountains.

What are we looking for?

We prefer people more motivated by solving user problems than whatever their craft (design, development, etc). Pragmatic people with a preference for reducing uncertainty by releasing small incremental updates to their users. People willing to get involved in the whole lifecycle of a digital product: research, concepts, strategy, analysis, software development, testing, infrastructure, analytics, observability, etc.

Previous experience certainly will be appreciated but we are also open to working with people relatively early in their careers (1 or 2 years, depending on the profile).

What do we offer?

Remote work as long as there’s compatibility with GMT+1.

An initial contract as a freelance, flexible schedule, focus on results and objectives calculated around a working week of 40 hours or less (we’re open to part time contracts, 4 day weeks or similar).

Respect for people, their individualities and their right to a private life outside of work. A small team aiming to be diverse and inclusive.

Who are we?

Dersu is a service in its infancy, we have everything to do. The uncertainty around how to provide and care for people when up in the mountains is only comparable to our excitement around finding how to do it!

The founding team comprises María Renilla (operations), Fernando Errekalde (mountain guide and product), Borja Delgado (product and design) and Juan Delgado (technology).

If you are interested, want to know more or have questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via

Thanks : )