11 & 12 / Feb / 2023

Dersu course: Decision and action in the winter mountains

What will we do?

A weekend to learn how to make decisions on the ground.

Practical and theoretical classes given by qualified guides in small groups of up to 6 people.

Practical: guided route with a focus on decision making on snowy terrain. Analysis of conditions, terrain and group.

Theory: planning, choice of route, BPA interpretation, basic nivology, objective dangers, emergency protocols...

Check the programme and if you have any questions please write to campus@dersu.uz

Where will it be?

In Jaca, Huesca.

The classroom sessions will be in Villanúa, 15 minutes from Jaca.

The practical class will be in the Aragon Valley or the Tena Valley (depending on weather conditions).

We can help you find accommodation and equipment if you need it. Let us know when you sign up.

is it for me?

You should be interested if:

You go out in the snow but you miss a bit of autonomy.

You know the basic techniques of snow progression (snowshoeing, ski touring, basic mountaineering) and you want to lay the foundations to progress more safely.

You have an upper-medium level (3 to 5 in Dersu) in mountaineering without snow and you want to start going out in winter.


Price: 200€*
Groups: 6 persons
Limited number of places

*We have reduced prices for people from Dersu Campus or collaborating entities.

Dersu provides:

Guide with specific qualifications for the activity for each group of 6 people.

Accident insurance.

Downloadable teaching material.

Organization and monitoring through own digital channels.

An environment of conversation with the people in the group and counselling with the teachers.

Snack for indoor sessions.

You will need to bring: personal and safety equipment for the activity, picnic lunch (for the outing).

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